Mariana Idiarte Business Consultant

Helping the Creative Industry to do business better


It happens often that creative professionals with passion for their field, find the commercial tasks of their practice a burden.

Developing a business or communication strategy, writing an effective services proposal, negotiating terms with a client and resolving conflicts during the working process can be a source of frustration, resulting in an inefficient and time-consuming exercise.
What can Mariana Idiarte Business Consultant do for your business?

Simply, help to develop and improve the commercial activities of your practice, so that you can focus and spend more time in what you love and do best: the creative work.
Whether a specific question about the negotiation process or the development of an entire business strategy, services are always flexible and customized to the creative professional’s requirements and situation.
Mariana Idiarte Business Consultant’s offers services to:
  • Architecture professionals
  • Design professionals
  • Art and Culture professionals and projects